Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Interview | Photoshelter Breaking into Commercial Photography Guide | SF Commercial Photographer | Press

I was interviewed along with some other really talented photographers by Photoshelter for a publication about breaking into commercial photography. (you can download a free copy of the 30-page guide here). I've posted the section with my interview below. 

There are some sweet words of advice and valuable insight to help guide those interested in a commercial photography career. I'm happy to be amongst this great community, honored and inspired to keep making great work!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Lovely Animals Project // Personal work // San Francisco Portrait Photographer

This is an ongoing portrait project exploring the relationship around a symbol of animal power and the human expression of it. I present the antlers to each person and ask, "How do these make you feel, holding a piece of a wild animal, a symbol of their power?" - the responses vary from Powerful, to Delicate to Conflicted and Savage. We work together to create a variety of emotions with each pose. --and it's a little challenging, these antlers are heavy! The idea is to capture something beautiful and confusing, a bit mystical, emotive and inspired.

 Check out more Lovely Animals, project credits, and how to get involved in my BEHANCE network gallery!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Philine Spring 2015 Studio Lookbook // San Francisco Commercial Fashion Photography Studio

I was commissioned last fall to co-produce and shoot a lookbook + some catalogue imagery for a designer's new line of quality loungewear. Sustainably sourced and manufactured in the US, these pieces appeal to the resort-going woman that prefers to be stylish while lounging. Our concept was to represent a relaxed, fun brand in a clean and simple studio environment. Check out Philine's new spring collection in department stores this spring!

Big Thanks to the team-
Client- Philine
Photography- me, Chrissy Lynn
Photo Assist- Chad Bank
HMUA- Terry Alabata
Stylist- Briana 
Models- Lizzie Gunst, JE Model Management
              Alexis Williams, Independent

Rainbeau Curves // San Francisco Commercial Fashion Photography Studio

I was commissioned by San Francisco based clothing manufacturer Rainbeau, to photograph a lookbook for their new line of athletic apparel for plus sized women, called Rainbeau Curves. Rainbeau produces athletic apparel for brands like Capezio, Danskin, Sports Authority and Walmart athletics. Recognizing a need for fashionable athletic wear that celebrates curvier women, they decided to brand and launch their own line with the mantra, "Define your curves." 

Since the athletic designs in this line highlight blocks of color and graphic shapes, our concept was to celebrate these colors and shoot a number of different sets against colored backgrounds. I worked closely with the design and art direction team to define our concept. The producer was working with a couple agencies to find just the right plus-size models for the brand, so I sourced just one of the three models. We had a few pre-production meetings the weeks leading up to our shoot date, of which we kept a clear direction for the individual theme for each image- Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Strong, Be Original, Be Inspired, Be More, Be You. We let these themes guide our concept for each set. Two full prep days and one long day shooting both stills and video in the studio, we had a ton of fun executing these themes. (And I get to keep all the colored backgrounds!)

  • Big thanks to the team!!
    Producer, Stylist / Xela Gaerlan
    Graphic Design / Amber Ellis
    Hair & Makeup / Michelle Martinez
    Models / Margaret Buxton, Mariesther Venegas, Arissa Seagal
  • Video + Photo Assist / Kevork Demirjian  

Check out this behind the scenes GoPro video with Rainbeau Curves!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Website image for Vianza | San Francisco commercial photographer

Not all jobs require a big production. This client for instance Vianza, called me with an easy dilemma (well, easy for me) -- they wanted to rid their website of having a stock photo for a hero image. Vianza is a start-up product curation company. They facilitate other companies, stores and boutiques from having to source through the entire world wide web for products and goods to sell. Vianza is a one-stop-shop for sourcing relevant goods for your needs.

After a thorough phone conversation with the founder of the company I gained a solid idea of what they do and represent. We collectively came up with a great concept for the image-- The idea was to create one colorful, imaginative image that shows a client happily experiencing Vianza to find products for their own company. Sourcing goods online can be daunting, and she had to look like she was enjoying herself while using this service because it makes her life so much easier. The environment was intended to look a bit like organized chaos. I had a small team on site to organize props and items in the scene, while I worked on getting the lighting just right. 

We used natural window light from the right (thank goodness for beautiful large north-facing windows) and a silver reflector wall built left to bounce some of that light back onto the scene. (The left of the image was darkened in post to accommodate the text overlay, even though it was shot evenly lit). Everyone I worked with was so dang efficient and effective, the pre-planning actual shoot post production took me about 6 hours to produce start to finish. I LOVE when that happens ;)

Here's the final image that is live on the site right now--

This was Vianza's website using a stock photo before--
Thank You Mita Patnaik, founder of Vianza for bringing me in for this, Micheal and Jackie Cardamone with 21 Bundles and Accelerprise + WeWork for your assistance and letting us shoot in your amazing space! (Special thanks to model Jackie Cerone :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Resolution | San Francisco Fashion Photographer | Bay Area Commercial Photography Studio

Dear 2015, I resolve to: 
continue to work hard, be mindful of the value of my work and take on jobs that inspire me.
be inventive. 
create new professional relationships while fostering the old.
carve more time for my friends & family spending less time online and on social media.
play more music.
shoot more personal work creating images that inspire me.
reach for my dream clients and be consistent with my marketing plan.
take at least one bubble bath each week.
be disciplined in my yoga practice.
keep chasing the sun.
#HoldMeToIt // 
* latest collaboration* new work with Lizzie Gunst //JE Model Management + stylist Xela Gaerlan*

Monday, December 1, 2014

Collaboration with the lovely Julia Klein | Test Shoot | San Francisco Fashion Photographer

It takes a village...
Model: JULIA KLEIN, represented by Scout Model Management
Hair styled by TERRY ALABATA
Wardrobe and Prop Stylist: XELA GAERLAN
Wardrobe is from Freepeople, Anthropologie, Goorin, and Freda Salvador. Leather Jacket unknown.
Props provided by Electric Blanket
Location: take a guess! 

Julia with Kim Flink, JE Model Management-
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Behind the Scenes video from a recent shoot! | California Fashion Lifestyle Photographer Chrissy Lynn

So pumped to collaborate with Our Troubles Are Over Productions company. Their small team of video magicians tagged along a recent fashion shoot with me capturing the team, the models, and the beautiful windy beach we were on! Check out the first edit of the video below. 

| Credits & Thank You's |

KIM FLINKrepresented by JE Model Management
JULIA KLEIN, represented by Scout Model Management
LIZZIE GUNST, JE Model Management
ALEXIS WILLIAMS, Independent Model
TROY CASTENADA, JE Model Management
ALYSSA STEMBER, Independent Model
-Makeup Artist-
-Hair Stylist-
-Wardrobe Stylist- 
Freepeople, Anthropologie, Goorin, and Freda Salvador. Leather Jacket -vintage.
PROPS provided by Electric Blanket
 Michelle Greer and Jason Waicunas
LOCATION: Rodeo Beach, Marin Headlands, CA

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Featured Photographer | Photoshelter | Bay Area Commercial Fashion Photography

I'm honored that leading photography website provider Photoshelter, has asked to feature my Beam portfolio site on their Examples page with other inspiring photographers.

If you are reading this post and searching for a photography website, you will love Photoshelter. Aside from looking, loading and performing better than any other templates out there, your image licensing, pricing and delivery options are fully customizable and endless -- making for some happy clients.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Blackphone | Commercial Lifestyle Photography | Bay Area Lifestyle Advertising Photographer

This past Spring I was hired by a local ad agency to create some photography for a brand new mobile product called Blackphone. Blackphone was to be the first truly "private" phone. In other words, undetectable and your data is incapable of being intercepted by anyone or anything. It has it's own private OS. You can read more about how awesome this phone is here - Blackphone // Wikipedia.

The agency wanted a collection of believable and relatable lifestyle images of the Blackphone -- product shots and lifestyle imagery showing the phone being used in public yet feeling private. We hired on 4 actors to shoot in 3 scenarios/ locations. I worked closely with the creative director to conceptualize the shots and timeline, working with best time of day at each location for most interesting light to work in. I also provided some product shots from my studio.

Below is a mixture of my favorite shots along with those already being used on the Blackphone website and in online advertising. These images and more will be releasing in the global market over a 3 year period of time across online and print mediums, keep an eye out! Special thanks to our our awesome talent, photo assistants Beata Pevny and Michelle Geer, and agency Siberia for bringing me on for this. It was a smooth collaboration, an easy success and a lot of fun!